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While I was out of town to celebrate New Years with friends, the pipes burst in my house. I had some BIG FEELINGS to deal with.

Exhibit A:


If you must know, Nosey, the gauge on my propane tank was faulty and it read as full when it was actually empty, so the gas company didn’t fill my tanks. I found out when I checked my Nest cams and saw that it was raining, INSIDE.

So I JetBlued back home, shut off the water and assessed the situation. It was overwhelming, but as I tried to take photos for the insurance claim, I kept getting distracted by the beauty of the ice.

Exhibits B-Z:

And finally, after a few days spent running my kids’ stuffed animals through the dryer and dumping carpet tiles into trash bags, I escaped to the studio and made what I just had no choice but to make. It was completely involuntary.

I call it “Embezzlement + Reconstruction”, with a nod to the insurance claims process. “Pipe Burst” would have been too obvious, duh!