Halos and guts

My two recent areas of inquiry were "Glorious Ordinary" (seeking the glory in everyday life) and "That Sinking Feeling" (the stomach turning feeling when you realize something has gone wrong). In the course of my work on Glorious Ordinary, I began using a lot of halos, turning my self, my friends, and even a dog, into saints. My That Sinking Feeling work has focused on empty spaces in the gut area. But it dawned on me, for some reason as I spaced out on a flight at thousands of feet up in the air, that I could blend the two subjects. I could have both an empty stomach and a halo in the same work. I wasn't sure immediately what I was trying to say, but I liked the way the circular shapes echoed one another. Over time it became clear that the empty, black hole stomach I was drawing was a clear counterpoint to the floating glowing halos overhead, and the two had a lot to say to each other. This combined line of work is only beginning, and I haven't seen it to its fullest fruition yet, I'm sure, but I am liking where it is are going so far. Here are a few sketchy images I have been playing with:

Monotypes on paper